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Spring 2019, Issue #76

From the Editor by Nancy Blanning
Focus: Speech & Language
Developing Speech: What needs to come into the space between us? By Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna and Micahel Kokinos
Attention to Attention, Part II: Attention to Rhythm by Holly Koteen Soulé
The Role of Oral Language in Early Childhood by Ursula Ramos
Literacy Learning in Waldorf Education by Trice Atchinson

For the Classroom
Purposeful Work for the Young Child: Suzhou's Shining Example by Laure Donkel
Minka and Twilight by Mindy Upton

Reading the Signs of the Times
Religion and Universality by Stephen Spitalny

International News
Waldorf Early Childhood Education in Spain by Louise de Forest

Book Reviews
Please, Can We Play Games
by Ruth Ker
Reviewed by Jill Taplin
Same Light, Many Candles
by Carol Cole
Reviewed by Susan Howard
Child Development Year-by-Year edited
by Holly Koteen Soulé
Reviewed by Nancy Blanning

Fall 2018, Issue #75

From the Editor by Nancy Blanning
FOCUS: Speech and Language
Speech Development: Giving Birth to Speech by Lakshmi Prasanna
The Human Encounter and Integration of the Lower Senses by Michael Kokinos
Speaking Pictorially by Rie Seo
Attention to Attention by Holly Koteen Soulé

For the Classroom
Slow Puppetry by Trice Achison
Story Circle - The Turnip with Russian Names by Rose Maynard
Snailyman by Wilma Ellersiek
The Birds Wedding Day by Nancy Blanning

Reading the Signs of the Times
The American Academy of Pediatrics Recognizes the Importance of Play by Nancy Blanning

Book Reviews
The World of Fairy Tales by Daniel Udo de Haes
Autism: Meet Me Who I Am by Michael Kokinos
Joyful Toddlers and Preschoolers by Faith Collins
Raising Happy, Healthy Children by Sally Goddard Blythe

International News
Preparing for Waldorf 100th Anniversary Conference

Spring 2018, Issue 74

Letter from the Editor by Nancy Blanning

FOCUS: Storytelling
The Art of the Protection Story: An Introduction by Suzanne Down
Fairy Tales in Our Waldorf Classroom by Cindy Faught Sudan
The Rainbow: Exploring Images of Moral Imagination for our Time by Janene Ping
Parent-Child Classes for Infants and Toddlers: We Need Them! by Liz Hagerman

Patricia Cairns Remembered by Christine Summerfield
"Farmer Dave" Snow Remembered by Nancy Blanning

Reading the Signs of the Times
Signs of the Times by Nancy Blanning
A Handful of Feathers and a Stag at the Play Yard Gate by Marcia Marquis

For the Classroom
A Healing Story for the Classroom by Jessica Oswald
Excerpts from Singing and Speaking the Child into Life by Susan Weber, Nancy Macalaster and Jane Swain
Protection Imagination - Build a House by Steven Moore
On the Move: The Development of Movement by Vanessa Kohlhass

Book Reviews
The Gardener and the Carpenter by Alison Gopnik, Reviewed by Nancy Blanning
Walking with Our Children by Nancy Blanning, Reviewed by Lory Widmer Hess
Singing and Speaking the Child into Life by Susan Weber, Nancy Macalaster and Jane Swain

Fall 2017, Issue 73

Letter from the Editor by Nancy Blanning

FOCUS: Storytelling
The Healing Power of Story Language by Susan Perrow
The Power of Real Storied in the Age of Screens by Nancy Mellon
Moving into the Fairytale by Laurie Clark
Cinderella by Deborah Petchek

Annie Gross: A Tribute to Warmth and Humility by Ruth Ker
Honoring the Life of Kundry Willwerth by Gudrun Willwerth & Lynn St. Pierre
Reminiscences of Kundry Willwerth by Ingrid Weidenfeld

Reading the Signs of the Times
Seeking the Healthy/Healing the Social Life by Nancy Blanning

For the Classroom, Inside and Out
Excerpts from Let's Dace and Sing
Creating a Perfect Puppetry Table by Rachel Ladasky Nielsen

Book Review
Baby Bare, reviewed by Nancy Blanning
Let's Dance and Sing, reviewed by Nancy Blanning
Movement Journey's and Circle Adventures, Volume 2, reviewed by Ruth Ker

International News
IASWECE Council Meeting, South Africa, April 3-7, 2017
Waldorf Around the World by Louise de Forest

Spring 2017, Issue 72

Letter from the Editor by Nancy Blanning

FOCUS: The Life Sense
The Life Sense Within the Perspective of Point and Periphery by Barbara Baldwin
The Afternoon Program: Working on Inner Quiet and Other Benefits of This Work by Aniko Gereb
Food Restrictions and Allergies- Feeding Our Children Well by Zoe Rothfuss
The Pedagogical Importance of Nutrition by Laurie Clark

Eva Kudar by Nancy Blanning

For the Classroom
Nursery Rhyme Bean Bag Fun, Movements composed by Laurie Clark
Stepping Back by Trice Achison

For Our Growth
The Call to Self Care by Kathy Rinden

Book Review
The Seven Life Processes: Understanding and Supporting them in Home, Kindergarten, and School
Reviewed by Nancy Blanning

International News
Waldorf Around the World: Estonia by Louise de Forest

Fall 2016, Issue 71

Letter from the Editor by Nancy Blanning

FOCUS: Sensory Development
Sensory Processing: Having the Courage to Accept by Louise de Forest
The Spatial Ins and Outs of Proprioception by Jane Swain
The Importance of a Large Movement Vocabulary by Lani Hill
The Life Sense by Astrid Lackner
Sensory Opportunities with Baking and Cooking by Marcia Marquis
The Tiniest Seed by Cindy Faught Sudan
Being within Sensing: Adult Meditative Thought by Anne-Marie Fryer-Wiboltt
Preventing Addiction by Nancy Blanning

Remembering Dr. Helmut von Kügelgen by Nancy Blanning
Love as the Source of Education by Dr. Helmut von Kügelgen

For the Classroom, Inside and Out
The Wandering Circle by Rose Maynard
Sensory Integration through Nursery Rhymes and Song by Joani-Lackie-Callighan
A Story for Advent by Mary Knighton

For our Growth
Six Gestures for the Waldorf Early Childhood Educator by Holly Koteen-Soule
Center and Periphery: the Path of the Present Teacher by Aimee de Ney
Creating Harmony: Eurythmy Exercise by Brigida Baldszun

Book Review
The Importance of Being Little by Erika Christakis
Reviewed by Nancy Blanning

Spring 2016, Issue 70

Letter from the Editor by Nancy Blanning

FOCUS: Gender
Gender Diversity in the Early Childhood Classroom
The Transgender Child
Nine Dancing Princesses by Susan Bruck
Girls and Boys - Feminine and Masculine by Louise de Forest

Pioneers: Marjorie Thatcher
Nurturing Our Work
Cultivating Spaciousness: Working with the Child from Birth to Age Three
by Magdalena Toran

For the Classroom
Bridge of Gold by Freya Jaffke
The Three Little Pigs by Laurie Clark

Around the World
A Summary of the IASWECE Meeting in Ti'von, Israel

Book Review:
Life is the Curriculum, Reviewed by Nancy Blanning

Fall 2015, Issue 69

Letter from the Editor

FOCUS: Celebrations of Life II
Adopted Children in the Kindergarten by India Cante
Inviting Parents into Our Work and Play by Stephanie Skinner and Hellene S. Brodsky Blake
Waldorf Early Childhood Education - Urban Style by Meggan Gill
Expansion and Contraction: From the Big Sky to the Forest by Rose Maynard
The Power of Imagination by Helle Heckmann
Awakening Intelligence by Janene Ping
The Question of Saints by Stephan Spitalny

Pioneers: Joan Almon

Transitions: Monique Grund and Diane David

For the Classroom:
The Golden Lantern by Stephen Spitalny
Movement Vignettes by Lincoln Kinnicutt, Jennie Salyer and Gergana Minkova

Spring 2014, Issue 68

Letter from the Editor

FOCUS: Celebrations of life
Nurturing the Sense of Life with the Very Young Child by Susan Weber
Supporting the Sense of Life in the Kindergarten by Ruth Ker
Nourishing the Sense of Life with the Adult by Patricia Rubano
The Sense of Life from a Medical Doctor's Perspective  by Dr. Adam Blanning
Deepening Roots After the Storm by Rachel Solt, Orien Mann, Angela Richardson and Mira Kier
The Value of Conflict by Kimberley Lewis
My Path to the Forest by Rachel Kennedy
Singing Games and the Young Child by Daniel Udo de Haes

Memories of Lyn Barton

For the Classroom
Stories from the Sheep Barn by Lyn Barton, as told to Lisa Russell and Donna Lee Miele
How Bear was Turned Over by Nikolai Sladkov and Larisa Kuznetskova
The First Day of Spring by Larisa Kuznetsova
Early Springtime Pussy Willow Circle by Laurie Clark and Clair Orphanides

Around the World
Support for International Work

Book Review
Creating Connections, Reviewed by Nancy Blanning


Fall 2014, Issue 67

Letter from the Editor
FOCUS: Continuity of Development II:
Development in the Three Planes of Space by Jane Swain
Three Archetypal Styles of Walking by Stephen Spitalny
The Child is Not a Check List, A Deficit, or a Three-Letter Disorder by Nancy Blanning
Standing for the Children in our Care by Ruth Ker
School Readiness and the Transition from Kindergarten to School by Claudia McKeen, translated by Margot M. Saar

For the Classroom:
Mister Grieder and the Wild Duck by Carol Grieder-Brandenberger
Cobbler Circle by Christina Assirati
Seasonal Verses and Movement Games by Betty Jones

Around the World:
News from Vietnam by Louise de Forest

Book Reviews:
A Child's Seasonal Treasury reviewed by Nancy Blanning
Benjamin Breaking Barriers reviewed by Ruth Ker

Spring 2014, Issue 66

Letter from the Editor
FOCUS: Continuity of Development
Transitions as Developmental Dynamics between Dissolution and Rebirth by Claus Peter Röh
The Middle Place: Moving into Three-year-old-ness by Susan Weber
The Two Worlds of the Child by Daniel Udo de Haes
Scenes from the Child's Garden by Stephanie Hoelscher
The Heart of Early Childhood: Working with Four and Five year-olds by Lisa Gromicko
What To Do with the Six year-old by Louise de Forest

For the Classroom
Nourishing the Sense of Taste by Laurie Clark
A Spring Circle: The Honeybees' Waggle Dance by Laurie Clark
Jump Rope Song by Ilian Willwerth

Tribute to Monica Grudin by Wendy Weinrich

Book Review
The Mood of the Fifth by Nancy Foster

Fall 2013, Issue 65

Letter from the Editor
FOCUS: Storytelling and Puppetry
The Mystery and Magic of Metaphor by Susan Perrow
Imagine-Inspire-Intuit by Janene Ping and Lynn St. Pierre
The Worker Puppet: A Healing Archetype by Suzanne Down
The Puppet Pocket Story Apron by Jennifer Aguirre
A Puppeteers Journey by Estele Bryer
Rock-a-bye-Baby by Pamela C. Perkins

For the Classroom
Nimble Nim's Ring: A Play for Puppets by Janene Ping
Time for Laughter by Jill McCormick
Nursery Rhyme Gesture Games by Nancy Blanning
Scenes from a Nursery Rhyme Puppet Play by Estele Bryer and Janni Nichol
Mother Earth's Children: A Puppet Play by Andree Ward

Around the World
Ak Lu'um International School by Louise de Forest

Spring 2013, Issue 64

Letter from the Editor by Nancy Blanning
FOCUS: Creating Relationships with Parents
Working with Parents: A Different Perspective by Louise deForest
Bringing Balance and Harmony to Everyday Life by Christine Summerfield
Creating Space for Parents to Share Their Sacred Stories by Susan Weber
Having the Hard Conversation with Parents by Nancy Blanning

Conferences and International Meetings
The Education of Feeling by Renate Long-Breipohl
International Colloquium on the Older Child by Louise deForest
International Birth-to-Three Colloquium by Claudia Freytag

For the Classroom

A Circle for Spring by Laura Donkel
The Mud Muffins by Betsi McGuigan
Little Birds and Big Birds by Betty Jane Enno
And the Little One Said. . .by Meg Fisher

Book Reviews
Cosmic Child, Selected and Arranged by Eve Olive
Reviewed by Lory Widmer
Tell Me a Story edited by Louise deForest
Reviewed by Nancy Blanning

Fall 2012, Issue #63

Letter from the Editor by Nancy Blanning
Focus: Coming into Incarnation
The Coming into Relationship with the Physical Body by Philipp Reubke
Our Children: Our Guide Towards Becoming Truly Human by Louise de Forest
From Unborness to "I" Consciousness by Dr, Michaela Glöckler
The I, the Self, and the Body by Dr. Edmund Schoorel
Accelerated and Delayed Development by Dr. Renate Long-Breipohl
The I and the Body in Sensory Existence by Claus-Peter Röh
2012 Conference Reports:
A Journey to Dornach: Desire and Determination by Kyle Dunlap
A Glow of Inspiration by Janene Ping
For the Classroom:
Halloween Circle by Maxine Garcia
Helping Hands by Connie Manson
Sea Turtle Puppet Play by Nancy Forer
Book Reviews:
Under the Stars by Renate Long-Breipohl
Reviewed by Jill Tina Taplin
Therapeutic Storytelling by Susan Perrow
Reviewed by Nancy Blanning

Spring 2012, Issue #62

Letter from the Editor by Nancy Blanning
Focus: Practical Work in the Kindergarten:
A Kitchen, Not a Parlor by Annie Gross
Practical Activities with the Young Child by Stephen Spitalny
Kindergarten on the Farm and in the Garden by Lyn Barton
From Our Gentlemen Colleagues by Lincoln Kinnicutt, Tim Bennett and Joe Robertson
Working with Wood by Su Rubinoff
A Rolling Pin's Journey Home by Anke Scheinfeld
For the Classroom:
Potato Pogatcha Recipe by Joli Kiss
The Little Seed by Ananda Eluf
The Merry Month of May by Laurie Clark
Around the World:
Three Russian Kindergartens by Mary Lee Plumb-Mentjes
Book Review
Festivals with Children by Freya Jaffke, reviewed by Jill Tina Taplin

Fall/Winter 2011, Issue #61

Letter from the Editor by Nancy Blanning
Moving with Soul, Part 2 by Renate Long-Breipohl
Eurythmy with Young Children by Nora von Baditz
Movement - A Path Toward Freedom by Nancy Blanning
The Cottage Garden Home Nursery Program by Barbara Audley and Celia Riahi
A Toddler Group within a Kindergarten by Eldbjorg Gjessing Paulsen
Honoring Diversity: Images from Islam by Lincoln Kinnicutt
Hustle Hoosh! by Wilma Ellersiek
A Visit to Costa Rica by Joyce Gallardo and Teresa de Jesus Savel
Book Reviews: Connecting with Young Children; The Tear; Unbornness

Spring/Summer 2011 #60

Letter From the Editor by Nancy Blanning
Moving with Soul by Renate Long-Breipohl
Pikler, Point and Periphery by Jane Swain
Carving a Manger in the Heart by Laurie Clark
Children Under Three: Some Thoughts About the Song Circle and Storytelling by Christine Christiansen
Working with Parents to Reduce Children's Media Exposure by Lauren Hickman
The I and the Body: World Conference 2012 by Brigitte Goldmann
Waldorf Education in Hungary by Louise de Forest
Helping our Brothers and Sisters Around the World
The Blacksmith: A Michaelmas Circle by Sol Velazquez
Jack and Jill by Franca Bombieri
At Home I Have a Little Bed by Sarina Cirianni-Jones
The Peter Stories by Estelle Bryer

Fall/Winter 2010, Issue #59

Letters From the Editors by Nancy Blanning and Stephen Spitalny
The Senses as Doorway of Relating by Stephen Spitalny
Math and Science in the Kindergarten by Lisa Gromicko
The Dignity of the Small Child by Kimberly Lewis
Educating the Movement Body and A Drum: Movement Journey by Nancy Blanning
Childhood as an Impulse for Integrated Human Development by Louise de Forest
The Lakota Waldorf School by Patrice Maynard and Laurie Clark
Transitions: Ronna McEldowney by Janis Williams
Book Review: Supporting Self-Directed Play in Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education
Reviewed by Susan Weber

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