Eternal Childhood

Title:      Eternal Childhood
Categories:      Birth to PreSchool
BookID:      501
Authors:      Karl Konig
ISBN-10(13):      1897839030
Publisher:      Camphill Books (UK)
Publication date:      1994
Number of pages:      124
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Each child longs to experience the awe and wonder that can still be cultivated by most adults if they would only take time and interest to redirect their consciousness . . .' (from the foreword). This collection of essays is for those who wish to understand the true essence of childhood.
Karl König presents a viable basis for the recognition of childhood, and traces its expression in detailed pictures of the phases for both mother and child: conception, birth at 9 months, ability to name objects at 18 months, ability to reason comparatively at 27 months and the ability to say 'I' at 36 months. Practical advice is interwoven with history, science, religion and anthroposophy.

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