Developmental Signatures

Developmental Signatures, Core Values and Practices in Waldorf Education for Children ages 3 to 9

by Reiner Patzlaff, Wolfgang Sassmannhausen, et al.

Part 1

Part 2

The developmental stages of childhood provide the bedrock for Waldorf education. Observation and study of the child through these stages yield an understanding of the needs of children which is then transformed into a rich and diverse curriculum. Translating these significant “signatures” into goals and standards set by state authorities has been a task of this book, thus the title Developmental Signatures.

The research completed by colleagues in Germany that provided the material for this study on early childhood can be seen in parallel to the recent study in North America concerning Waldorf graduates. Published by the Research Institute of North America, the Survey of Waldorf Graduates, Phase 2, strives to penetrate the results of the foundation set in the goals of this book. Together they should provide teachers, parents, and educators at all levels a window into this comprehensive education.

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