Learning Assessment in Waldorf School Classrooms - Audio book

Learning Assessment in Waldorf School Classrooms is the first recorded book offering. This research by Sara Ciborski and Helen-Ann Ireland was funded by the Waldorf Educational Foundation. Completed over four years of observation, journaling by Waldorf teachers and writing, the research is our first, peer-reviewed research on the effectiveness of the Waldorf approach to assessment (without standardized testing.)

The book is offered here with the generous permission of Academica Press, LLC.  In print version available from  www.waldorfpublications.org.

Narrated by Michael Witri, woodwork teacher at the Green Meadow Waldorf School, and voice over professional. Natt McPhee, Waldorf graduate, is the technical assistant on this project.

Download one chapter at a time due to the very large file size

Chapter One    Waldorf Education and Education Reform
Chapter Two     The Waldorf Understanding of the Purpose of Education
Chapter Three   Research Objectives and Procedures
Chapter Four    How Waldorf Teachers Set Learning Goals
Chapter Five     Teaching and Making Assessments in a Waldorf Classroom
Chapter Six      Formal Assessments in Waldorf Education
Chapter Seven  Learning-centered Assessments: Waldorf Methods in Concept
Chapter Eight   The Preparation, Profession, and Practice of a Waldorf Class Teacher
Chapter Nine    Teacher Evaluation in Waldorf Elementary Schools
Chapter Ten      Waldorf Education and the Future of Assessment for Learning